Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

Jan 26, 2019

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—The Know

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It happens repeatedly—just before a band is about to break it big, real big, an original member either quits or is fired. That’s the case with Gary Valentine, leaving Blondie in 1977 just before that band hit it big, real big.

Valentine formed The Know, including Richard d’Andrea and Joel Turrisi, in 1978 and was the first band to play Madame Wong’s in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. Although The Know, like Blondie, was not a punk band, both groups emerged during the initial punk scene in the late 1970s.

Despite their large following The Know was unable to secure a recording deal and eventually Valentine disbanded the group in 1981.

Though not punk, they did push the conventional boundaries of pop that was playing on the radio at the time—a welcomed sound to everyone!