Phranc Nervous Gender photo by Louis Jacinto

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Phranc, Nervous Gender

Jul 22, 2017

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Us Los Angles punk kids—the ones in the bands and the ones in the audience—were not ahead of the time; we were the new time! But even for many of us, when we saw twenty-one-year-old Phranc, co-fronting Nervous Gender beginning in 1978, we knew we all still had a long, long way to go to understand how much ahead of the time this band was!

Nervous Gender—punk, queer, young, Jewish, Latino, Irish. So many other punks did not know what to make of them, and they could care less. All social golden calves were game and Nervous Gender—with their sound and songs—brought each one of them down. Their 1979 performance at the Hong Kong Café in Chinatown, Los Angeles is available on CD. Pick it up, if you’re not still too afraid!