Nervous Gender, Los Angeles, 1979 | photo by Louis Jacinto

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender

Like the blink of an eye. Forty-five years have passed since meeting Gerardo Velasquez, the first friend I made when I moved to Los Angeles. Punk hadn’t happened yet (although the Patti Smith Group had already released their first album), but looking back, Gerardo and I had a jump start—we had every Yoko Ono album (listen to her 1971 recording “Midsummer New York”).

When punk did happen, Gerardo, Mike Ochoa, and I would catch every punk show we could find. Gerardo then began forming his band Nervous Gender. Along with Gerardo and Mike, the band also included Edward Stapleton, Phranc, and Don Bolles.

Gerardo’s legacy lives on through the continued influence that Nervous Gender has on today’s punk bands!