Nervous Gender, Edward Stapleton, Los Angeles, 1979 | Photo by Louis Jacinto

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender, Edward Stapleton

Jun 26, 2021

Waiting backstage.

I forget how young we were, just throwing ourselves out there and creating our music, art, and politics. At the most, all these members of Nervous Gender— Edward Stapleton, Gerardo Velasquez, Phranc, and Don Bolles—were at least twenty years old, but not much older. I was twenty-three at this time, and the oldest of the crowd. Nearly forty years later, the young twenty-year-olds of today can sing along at a present-day Nervous Gender performance. Despite their youth, these artists created music that resonates today and continues to find new Nervous Gender fans. And to think that back in the 1970s, the LA Weekly called this great band the “thorn in the side of the L.A. music scene.”

Bleed, my dears, bleed!

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