Louis Jacinto Photo—Nervous Gender

Louis Jacinto Photo Column—Nervous Gender

Mar 27, 2021

Living Forever

This past month it’s been twenty-nine years since my friend Gerardo Velasquez, seen here behind Phranc during a Nervous Gender performance, passed away.

By 1992 I had long stopped photographing punk bands and hadn’t seen Gerardo for many years. I remember running into Phranc and telling me that Gerardo was not doing well at all. As I started to make plans to reach out and see him, he passed away and I never got to say goodbye.

The great thing about Gerardo’s work—as a musician and an artist—is that his legacy lives on as Nervous Gender continues to influence today’s generation and his artwork has been saved and is still on tour at museum exhibitions.

I’m glad I was able to capture my friend during this time, too.


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