Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Nervous Gender

Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Halloween with Nervous Gender

Oct 27, 2018

Louis Jacinto Photo Column - Halloween with Nervous Gender

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October 31, 1978. What were you doing forty years ago? I was at a Halloween Party thrown by Asco artists Patssi Valdez and Gronk at LACE in downtown Los Angeles. Gronk had invited Gerardo Velasquez and Mike Ochoa to play. Asco was pivotal in keeping the Los Angeles punk scene alive by inviting punk bands to play at their art openings.

The Masque had closed down and the established clubs—The Whisky A Go Go and The Starwood—hadn’t caught on yet that these new punk bands could fill the place. So many bands, including Nervous Gender and The Bags, would play at these art openings. It was intense!

But this night was just plain wild! It was Halloween and everyone was there— punks, disco kids, the artsy/fartsy crowd, rock and rollers, and the very, very curious. The band tore up our eardrums then tore up their instruments! That’s what I was doing forty years ago!