LOUDMOUTH: Easy Tiger!: CD

Jul 25, 2018

When I noticed a cover of a Dickie Hammond-penned song and saw that they were from Sunderland, I probably groaned a little deep inside, thinking: Here we go again with another gruff-voiced, dual guitar thing à la Leatherface. Surprise, surprise! While taking a reverential bow to the late Mr. Hammond, this CD was happily not the tribute-fest I feared. Instead, there are eleven original, tightly honed tracks of mid-tempo punk that actually cross a lot of bridges musically as well as the above-mentioned cover song. In fact, these guys are so tight in places they might actually be too good to play punk rock, if that makes any sense. I mean that in a complimentary sense, as for no reason at all while listening to this CD, I mentally blurted out, “These guys are like real musicians!” Well done and totally recommended. –Garrett Barnwell (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.bigcartel.com)