LOUD NIGHT: Mindnumbing Pleasure: LP

Dec 03, 2020

Listen, this record fucking rules. It’s not at all self-conscious of the marriage of metal and hardcore, which Loud Night handles with grace and absolute power. My partner heard this from the kitchen and just peeked his head out and said “Strong necks, long hair, no sleeves.” Dude knows his shit. This is the kind of music that may have started an all-out riot in New Jersey in the 1990s following a well-placed yogurt hurl, which is a weird, deep-scene way of saying that hardcore purists need to chill and enjoy the beautiful harmony of songs like the final “Boots on the Ground” that features some excellent, flying guitar solos that do well by Eddie Van Halen in his moment of passing. But also, songs like “Loud or Never” or “Barraged Forever” live up to their names. This shit is fun, it pumps me up, and I want it to blow out my ear drums live so badly I can taste it. I can feel the bangover already. By then, we’ll all have longer hair, we’ll all be so thrashed that we’ll be ready to thrash, and this band will be ready to drown everything else out. –Theresa W. (Vinyl Conflict)