LÖTFETT / [...]: Split: 7”

Nov 26, 2018

Germany’s Phantom Records has paired two gleefully deviant noisemakers on this 7”. Lötfett boasts head-spinning drum fills, snarling vocals, and razor-sharp guitars. Imagine a lost Rudimentary Peni EP. Chaotic, dangerous, and mesmerizing, Lötfett’s three songs sound like pirate transmissions of Videodrome. On the flip-side, [...] (yes, that’s their band name) starts a bit folk punky (think This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb hopped up on Adderall), but then takes a hard left turn. The songs devolve to an almost Cro-Magnon level, becoming the perfect marching music for the demonic dwarves from Phantasm. That’s a compliment. –Sean Arenas (Phantom, phantomrecords.bandcamp.com)