LOST BALLOONS: “Liquor Store” b/w “Dirty Sandy”: 7”

Sep 20, 2017

There is seemingly no end to the magic of Jeff Burke’s music. Lost Balloons is his partnership with Yusuke Okada and they unleashed their slice of pop heaven on the world with 2015’s self-titled debut album. Here we are a couple of years later with a brand new LP and this two song 7”. “Liquor Store” is a Burke song that could fit in with any of his outfits. It’s raw and beautiful. The flip is “Dirty Sandy,” an Okada song that first appeared on their debut album but in a completely different form. I’ve listened to them back to back, and they barely resemble the same song. Good thing both versions are great! I love this band, and you probably will too! –Ty Stranglehold (Wild Honey, wildhoneyrecords.bandcamp.com)