LOSER: Restless Noise: CD

Jan 30, 2019

Goddamnit, this record is so pretty. I’m obviously supposed to compared this to the fuzzed-out grunge of the ’90s but that’s not fair to Loser. Every one of these five songs is better than pretty much everything that came out twenty years ago. Fuck that nostalgia. We can enjoy a sound that’s built on the past but brings a presence to the table as well. I don’t want to gate keep music. Let it breathe and grow. With members of Smith Street Band and The Bennies, these dudes float in on clouds made of felt and sandpaper. It’s soft, sweet, and unassuming from the outset. But a closer experience will show you the rugged thorns sheathed just below the surface. The cadence in “Restless Noise” is wonderful and truly delivers a song I wanted to memorize instantly. For my first few listens, I felt like “Some Say” was a slump in the record. Though even their ‘weakest’ song is light years better than most music (cough, Nirvana, cough). “Vacation” has this innate ability to remind me both of Shellshag’s “Resilient Bastard” and Fugazi. The real standout for me here though is “Phase Me.” That song is now my go-to for any shitty mood, or the greatest day I ever had. It’s my sonic security blanket and I want it around all the time. I found out about this on Ryan Young’s Anxious and Angry podcast and haven’t been able to break away from it since. –Kayla Greet (Domestic Lala)