Lorna by Benji Nate, 54 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

Lorna is an introverted young woman who likes cats, reading, sharp objects, and seems to always be near corpses. The first half of this issue is a collection of one- to two-page comic strips about the shenanigans Lorna gets into. Like hanging out in trashcans, dismembering reptiles, picking clothing off aforementioned corpses, hanging out with her friend Norma, and filling out job resumes. The second half is the story of “Lorna’s First Date.” Lorna reflects on how she built up the courage to threaten a boy into going on a picnic with her. And dark hilarity ensues.

This is a weird, uncomfortable, and great comic. One would expect no less from Benji Nate (whose previous book Catboy took the youth by storm). The artwork is great and done with colored markers. It’s super solid and worth picking up. On the first page, Nate says they will be releasing more Lorna comics the future. You should be very excited about that. –Rick V (Silver Sprocket, silversprocket.com)

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