Up! Up! Ups! by Lorien Lamarr

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—The Up! Up! Ups!

Sep 19, 2020

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There aren’t new shows to photograph because we’re still living under a pandemic. So here is a throwback to 2018 where I caught the Up! Up! Ups! (Philadelphia, Pa.) at the Baltimore Free Farm, an egalitarian collective of gardeners and activists who aim to provide access to healthy food for all. The Up! Up! Ups! (members of Catbite, Ramoms), now inactive, play fast-paced power pop or danceable punk. This show was especially memorable for me because it was the farewell show for also now inactive Baltimore band, Canker Blossom.

While digging through my photo archives, I felt immediately drawn to this image with two bad ass punk women front and center and “celebrate and defend resistance” in the background. I may have taken this photo in 2018 but it’s relevant now more than ever for documenting how our present struggles are in no way new, nor are the signs of resistance.