SMALL at Boggs Social in Atlanta, Ga. | photo by Lorien Lamarr

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—SMALL

Jan 28, 2023

SMALL is an Atlanta trio self-described as “pervy punk for sad fucks.” I failed to find it pervy or even sexy, but admittedly I find most people as attractive as a well-organized bookshelf. So take that with a grain of salt. Musically, they are a mixture of new wave and punk. SMALL also makes for another great entry for my favorite genre: bummer party punk. They even dressed up their sadness in party attire for the occasion with painted glitter tears. The lyrics describe heartbreak and dysfunctional relationships with emotional depth. Samm Severin delivers spirited vocals accentuated with raw anger and the refined melancholy of someone processing their emotional turmoil. All that glorious baggage but conveyed in a fun, boisterous way that entices you to join in. I’ve never wanted to participate in someone’s therapy session before. Even if I had, I wouldnt have expected it to be a celebration.