Lorien Lamarr Photo—PUP

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—PUP

I shot this in 2017 at a PUP show with Prawn in Washington, DC. I left the pit completely drenched in a combination of sweat, bottled water, and thrown beer. I found an out-of-the-way spot to review my shots and confirm I had not damaged my gear. I remember feeling excited and proud at what I’d captured. I hadn’t yet been able to acquire a full frame camera and still felt very uncertain about my craft and skills.

I ran into the band on the way out as they were loading out. I asked if I’d see them at Fest in Gainesville that year. They said “No, our livers can’t take it.” I was disappointed but Fest is hard on my body and I don’t even drink, so I get it. As it turned out that was the first year I shot with the Fest photo team. I’m ninety percent certain this set got me the spot on the team. (Thanks, friends!)

Now that I reflect on it, I probably would have been disappointed in my shots had they played Fest that year in comparison to these I’d already shot. PUP would have doubtlessly played the main stage and nothing beats a small venue to capture the raw energy of a punk band.