Math the Band photo by Lorien Lamarr

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—Math The Band

Feb 08, 2020

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“We’re Math the Band! We hold each other’s hands!” they all chanted in unison as they made their way, arms linked and faces beaming, through the crowd to the kitchen/stage. Fresh off their main stage performance at MAGfest, Math The Band (Providence, R.I.), put on an adrenaline-fueled, sometimes silly and irresistibly positive performance at Baltimore Center for Good Friends (a DIY house venue).

This show was such a riot we, the crowd, had to learn to mosh with only our hands instead of feet because we were very close to breaking through the floor. The performance was so hot the drummer opened the refrigerator behind him and pulled out some frozen peas in an attempt to cool off, while playing, and without missing a single beat.

Math The Band plays a friendly and approachable cacophony of melodic punk mixed with Nintendocore and chiptune that’s so infectious it may threaten your home’s foundation. It’s a bewitching blend of old school video game nostalgia and loud chaos that’s just plain fun, although I’m pretty sure Kevin lied to us repeatedly about what key the songs were in. Some of those weren’t even possible musically.