Girlfriend From Hell at The Slab in Savannah, Ga. | photo by Lorien Lamarr

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—Girlfriend From Hell

Feb 25, 2023

Savannah, Ga. has a shockingly small number of proper venues. At first I thought that meant I’d have fewer shows to shoot and more time in between shows to edit. Turns out that there’s no gap because there are a shockingly large number of DIY venues. So many that I haven’t been to the same venue twice since moving here. I seem to discover a new event space every week.

I found out about this show through Instagram. Sanitary Collective had put together a show in support of the Atlanta Forest Defense as a fundraiser to benefit protestors. They had poetry, literature about Cop City, and, of course, bands.

I was most excited to see Girlfriend From Hell, a riot grrrl band. I hadn’t seen them before, but their name seemed to be everywhere. I’d see it on flyers in town or hear the band mentioned from my friends. As they started playing, the crowd swelled to spilling out of the backyard and into the street. Girlfriend From Hell offers glittery and feral brat punk. Shout along choruses, gang vocals with a touch of surf. They sound like if Bratmobile went pop punk. They don’t have any music available yet, but they plan to record originals like “AMEN!” and “Shots” soon. Like the lyric from Mommy Long Legs’s “Bridezilla,” which they often cover, “I can’t fucking wait” for Girlfriend From Hell to drop that release.

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