End It at the Y Not Lot in Baltimore, MD | photo by Lorien Lamarr

Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—End It

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I almost didn’t write this column. Due to Covid 19 I haven’t shot a band in months. The only things I’ve been photographing are protests and police brutality. Even if I had shot a band, how tone deaf disrespectful would it be to write about anything but the fight to end racism? That’s when it hit me: End It.

End It is a powerhouse of a hardcore band from my hometown, Baltimore. This shot is from a set they played with Truth Cult and Turnstile in a vacant lot in North Baltimore in September of 2019. Sonically, they’re pure, unmitigated aggression with a dash of fury. Lyrically, they are even angrier and more raw. I’m 90% sure I left that set with a mild concussion after taking a knee directly to the head in the pit (my camera miraculously survived unscathed). I honestly should have guessed the crowd would be fierce when I saw a woman putting on a helmet. This is helmet-worthy hardcore full of righteous anger. “Apolitical” deserves top billing on any playlist right now. “It’s not right or left, it’s right or wrong, a racist show his face, he’s fucking gone” is my new protest chant. Keep demanding justice, friends. Fuck the police. Fuck racism. End it.