Lorien Lamarr Photo Column—Abertooth Lincoln

Jun 29, 2019

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Will and I had a few gaps in our coverage schedule for Pouzza, so on the train to Montreal I listened to each band in the available time slot. That is how I found Abertooth Lincoln. After the first song on their bandcamp I knew we had to cover them.

The art “Average White Boy” asks loudly “What’s supreme about you?” and displays a bland carbon copy mannequin in a MAGA hat. Abertooth Lincoln’s sound is somewhere in between progressive punk and grindcore but with a synthesizer. It’s complicated, interesting and aggressive. When I heard a voice that sounded like me scream: “This is the world that you’ve inspired, crosses of fire and walls on every side. Go ahead and put a roof on that shit and suffocate inside. Choke on the ashes of white pride.” I was sold.

I was already excited to see antifascist anti-white supremacist screaming, so when the band got on stage and looked like Seven of Nine from Stark Trek with their backing band as most of the cast of “Reno 911!”, I knew I had underestimated them, despite having high expectations to begin with. The costumes come from their video for Space Force, a more lighthearted, fun, and even silly song than my introduction. The range of this band is remarkable. They also made a video game! This was my favorite discovery of Pouzza 9.