LORELEI: Coeur D’Acier: LP/CD

Mar 17, 2021

An excellent second album by this French band which knocks out eight melodic punk tracks with ease. The opening track “Réveille-toi” starts with a simple guitar sound which has a vague touch of Listen-era Stiff Little Fingers to it before the song takes on a more twenty-first century vibe. With a poppy element courtesy of the vocals of Cindy, the drive of the music is complemented with melody and brightness to the songs. Without a shadow of a doubt the highlight of this album for me is “Reviens” with its punchy bass, crunchy guitars, and a big helping of those quality vocals which are the icing on the cake. –Rich Cocksedge (Fire And Flames, [email protected], fireandflames.com / Maloka, malokadistro.com / Guerilla Asso, guerilla-asso.com / Kanal Hystérik, sucette.kanalhysterik.com)