LOPEZ, THE: Kill Yr Selfie: 7”

Mar 22, 2017

Watch out, y’all—this synthpunk band from Pittsburgh ain’t messin’ around and they ain’t gonna play by your rules. The new The Lopez EP is here and it’s ready to tear off your fake nails and rip out your hoops. Taking several cues from The Julie Ruin and other righteous riot grrrl groups, The Lopez embrace dissonance on the expertly entitled Kill Yr Selfie. The singer’s squealing vocals camouflage well within the EP’s abrasive ambiance, which is comprised of scarily jagged guitar riffs and droning synths that sometimes sound like demented bagpipes. Kill Yr Selfie is femme punk at its most aggressive, and it even includes a seriously wicked cover of “Sea Babies” by Beat Happening / Screaming Trees. For sure worth checking out, but do be warned: your ears may ring for the rest of the day. –Simone Carter (Self-released, [email protected], thelopeztheband.com)