LOOSE NUKES: Cult Leaders: LP

Fast and furious hardcore/thrash from Houston. Sixteen songs of riff-heavy hardcore with a need for speed, at times getting downright grinding, replete with blast beats (this may have something to do with the drummer’s previous involvement with grind gods Insect Warfare and Pretty Little Flower). The borrowed art lifted from the back cover of a Napalm Death album and the song named “Heresy,” which borrows a riff from the U.K. lords of fastcore, reveals their affinity for the ’80s U.K. extreme scene but I can also hear some California influence with the group vocals being reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies: the metal years. Currently there is another band also called Loose Nukes from Pennsylvania and quite honestly they too rage pretty hard. I propose a playoff, much like the one which legend has it was how the Stains from L.A. kept their name and caused the Stains from Texas to change theirs to Millions Of Dead Cops. There can be only one! –Juan Espinosa (Mutant Sounds, loosenukestx.bandcamp.com)