LOOSE BEHAVIOUR: 4 Songs in North Carolina: 7”

Jan 26, 2021

DIY punk’s Traveling Wilburys make a speedy return after releasing an LP less than a year ago. One song written and sang by each member, demonstrating the collective talent and consistent vision of these charming bastards. If you’ve found yourself a fan of their projects over the years—whether it be The Slow Death, Raging Nathans, Pale Angels, or The Ergs—you will find yourself well-primed to enjoy this. For anyone new to this sound, imagine the proletariat as a poet with a broken heart and love for dirty American rock’n’roll. It’s not that they hate style or fashion; it’s just that it looks kinda silly when the world has forced you to develop a skill to see through bullshit. Hey there friend, pull up a stool. –Daryl (Rad Girlfriend, radgirlfriendrecords.com)

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