Dec 03, 2020

This LP starts off with a few wistful ‘n’ gritty, slightly twangy mid-Atlantic punk tracks, then builds into faster skate and Screeching Weasel rippers. I picture the band being like, “See, we’re thoughtful and mature,” then getting a few drinks deep and reverting to the goofier shit they came up on—it’d be a fun live set. The cover photo, of a topless punk bro passed out on a couch while hugging a jug of wine, makes me wonder if these guys are turning the “Punk Rock Tortilla Flat” life into a self-fulfilling prophecy, but if they keep writing songs like “Polaroid Toilet,” I’m down to hang. Members of The Slow Death, The Raging Nathans, The Arteries, The Dopamines, and The Ergs. –Chris Terry (radgirlfriendrecords.storenvy.com)

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