LONGMONT POTION CASTLE: Where in the Hell Is the Lavender House? Soundtrack: LP

Jul 28, 2020

I was talking with a fellow Razorcake contributor about what records we each got for review and they helped shed some light on this one. It’s not anything I’d ever heard of before, but instantly they were like, “Oh the prank caller? Awesome!” So now at least I was going into this listening session with a little bit of background, even though the fact it was labeled as a soundtrack was still throwing me for a loop. I’ll level with you, I do not like this. Maybe I have a shitty sense of humor, but this was mostly just stressful to listen to. He prank calls multiple people at a time and it becomes so confusing and annoying—for the unsuspecting victims and me. In between pranks there’s some heavy black metal playing with growling vocals. Much more tolerable to hear. The calls are made to random people across the country wherein LPC asks nonsense questions like, ordering bits and blobs from a guy in London who doesn’t own a business, or getting two sheets of drywall into his buggy from a total stranger who doesn’t sell drywall. It’s bizarre and often times very hard to hear/listen to. I guess I relate more to the frustrations of the people being pranked than the harmless fun this person is having. Anyways, this apparently is a soundtrack to a documentary someone may or may not have made. –Kayla Greet (Burger)