LONGCLAW: Patterns: 12” EP

Mar 20, 2018

I listen to this record once a week and not just because I am super into the moniker of “crycore,” which is how the band describes itself. They may truly be Portland’s saddest band (and that’s saying something). It’s great post-hardcore, made especially tense and lifting by the double vocals on most songs, sometimes used in a call and response style. I want to listen to this the same way I listen to Elliott, driving through some nowhere town with all the windows down and wallowing in my own sense that being sad is maybe the natural state of being human. But then! There are also songs like “Shorter Cliffs” that are so pressing and tight that they are totally meant to be your earbud soundtrack to a rainy city. Bonus points for the excellent galaxy themes to the beautiful artwork—the music is totally this ethereal. This is what all those people who keep making emo playlists on Spotify that consist solely of Fall Out Boy, Reliant K, and Hawthorne Heights should listen to in order to get themselves right on where emo was supposed to go post-2000. –Theresa W. (Self-released)