Jan 31, 2018

Whatever, maybe I’m not smart enough to “get” this record, or the other three that accompany it in its quartet series. I’m impressed that mastermind Igor Keller has put out eleven records since 2011, but listening to this, that feat just seems like an exercise in discipline rather than an endless fountain of artistic inspiration. I read that Keller refers to this project as “Seattle’s least favorite band” and I would probably disagree, just because there are definitely bands in Seattle that I hate more. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought that, especially since there is just some antagonizing quality about it all. I mean this record is long, but structured, with twenty-seven songs, all but two within the two-to-three minute range. It’s a less rock-influenced Beck, dependent solely (it seems) on electronic instrumentation. It’s not my particular brand of self-punishment for the sake of novelty (mine is certainly Jud Jud), but it could easily serve that purpose. –Theresa W. (AchDuLiebeZeit! Music)