LONG KNIFE: Sewers of Babylon EP: 7”

Aug 02, 2017

From where I sit, Portland’s Long Knife doesn’t get the love it deserves. Having released two albums and a handful of singles full of barnstorming punk/hardcore, it’s not a band I tend to hear too many friends getting excited about. Quite simply, this five-track EP is a continuation of the intensity, speed, and similarities to Poison Idea and The Freeze that those accustomed to the band are already aware of. However, this time the songs feature a punchier, more melodic sound, one which I’m sure would find favor with many of the uninitiated, in addition to current fans. People really need to join the Long Knife Appreciation Society or they can consider themselves total dimwits. –Rich Cocksedge (Beach Impediment, [email protected], beachimpedimentrecords.blogspot.com)