LONG GONE: Seven Songs: CS

May 23, 2018

This tape came with a note on it that says Long Gone is a “country band from Boston, MA” and that means something very specific. I don’t disagree with them, but anyone from Boston knows that what people think of is country there is probably different than what other people might think of as country. This is more J Mascis than Hank Williams, with twangy vocals over driving tracks that are a little more grungy and sad than the more melodic punk stuff that it might otherwise evoke. It’s like Neil Young having Samiam as his backing band. And I fucking love both, so this tape is something else. I’ve come to expect nothing less from the excellent Reflective Tapes out of Olympia, Wash. and this kind of cross-continental support is what makes me still love DIY. –Theresa W. (Reflective Tapes, reflectivetapes.bandcamp.com)