LONE WOLF: Self-titled: CD

Jan 30, 2019

Pencils down please. Best of 2018 list making is over. And at the top of the heap for AOTY is Lone Wolf. Every single track is a complete ear worm. They sound like a three car pile up with vehicles helmed by Big Eyes, Marked Men, and Sugar Stems. I purchased the CD from the band themselves, but don’t always have a CD player around (and I’ve been cut off on Bandcamp because I’ve played it too many times!). This band is from The Netherlands and features a member from The Accelerators. Most of the lead vocals are covered by guitarist Merel with backups done by Ox. I can not believe how incredible every single song is, “Side of the Road” in particular. If that was the last song I ever heard, I still don’t think I’d get sick of replaying it in my head. So many bands I’ve listened to that are after that power pop sound tend to fall just shy of the mark. Lone Wolf moves the goal posts. Every guitar hook is a love song to a rock’n’roll heart. The bass never overpowers; just bridges the gap between rhythm and melody. And that drummer knows just when to throw in eighth notes on the hi hat, quarters on the ride, and double taps on the snare. I try not to be hyperbolic ever, but this is one of the best records I’ve ever heard and I hope the whole world listens. It’s the closest thing to perfect. This is the reason I tread through mediocre and terrible music. –Kayla Greet (Stardumb / Bearded Punk)