Loitering and Benevolence by Daryl Gussin

Loitering & Benevolence by Daryl Gussin Now Available Through Razorcake

Mar 16, 2020

Re-printed by Razorcake, this is a collection of writings from Daryl Gussin. The title piece “Loitering and Benevolence” is exclusive to this zine. 10 pages, photocopied, with handstamped cover.

“He has a way of talking about punk music that feels right and true. Peeling back the layers of crust and cliché that have built up over punk like bad wallpaper, Daryl gets right down to the point of it all.” –Dayna / Instagram.com/zinereviews

“The thing about punks is that we love to talk about punk. What it means to be, what it means to do, who is and is not, some defining philosophy. Well, Daryl talks about punk the way I wish everyone did: with joy, hope, and a critical eye that sees through the bullshit we’re all prone to. Really, the cover image (by Marcos Siref) says it all in two words: “Never stop.” There is a reason we’re in this, even if it’s sometimes shitty and hard. These essays and reviews, with the exception of the title essay, were all previously published in Razorcake, but they make a nice standalone selection and all are inspiring to keep on truckin’, keep on punkin’, and keep on fightin’ the good fight. Full of one-liner nuggets of truth: “You will be coming of age until the day you die.” This is a love letter to punk, not just a band or a scene (though that’s there, too) but the multiplicitous force that keeps us together.” –jimmy cooper / Razorcake #114

Here’s what Daryl has to say about it-
“My reflection on 20 years of punk bullshit, and why I think it’s still important.”

It can be ordered here-

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