LOCAL DRAGS: Shit’s Lookin’ Up!: LP

Aug 01, 2019

A member of the Springfield, Ill. band Starter Jackets have turned out a new project called Local Drags, and you should probably be paying attention. I’m most certain it wasn’t intentional, but I can’t help draw a comparison to the band Superdrag. Name of the band aside, Shit’s Lookin’ Up sounds like the faster/better Superdrag songs. That’s likely the best way to accurately describe them, I think (and if you’re not familiar with Superdrag, get on it). Big production, ’90s-style American power pop, not your skinny tie stuff. Definitely more Fountains Of Wayne than, say, Paul Collins Beat, but I’m sure they dig both. Even the few corny lyrics that exist here doesn’t take away from the magic of this LP. It’s an incredible debut; just in time for the summer. Insanely well done layout and packaging, as with all Stardumb releases. –Steve Adamyk (Stardumb, stardumbrecords.com / It’s Alive, itsaliverecords.com)