LOAFING THE DONKEY #83, $5, 7” x 8½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Mar 10, 2023

In the introduction to Loafing the Donkey #83, editor Peter Mantis says, “There’s something for everyone within the pages of this issue,” and he’s pretty much correct. From coverage of a local zine fest and vinyl record swap, to several articles on bikes and biking in Memphis, to movie reviews and fanzine highlights, to doggie updates on Zontar (“the king of midtown dogs”) and Sadie and Spooky (“the two newest members of Team Skeletor 2.0”). I especially enjoyed reading about the Seventh Annual Memphis Zine Fest (maybe a good reason as any for me to visit Tennessee) and the black-and-white photos of the fest that accompany the coverage. Another standout in LTD #83 is an interview with Mantis, conducted by Claire Moore-Avaland, in which Mantis talks about the origins of his long-running zine (the first issue of LTD came out in 1987!) and shares his thoughts about podcasts and more. Indeed, there’s something for everyone in this issue. –Gina Murrell (Peter Mantis, 2264 Elzey, Memphis, TN 38104)

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