LOAFING THE DONKEY #82, $5, 7” x 8½”, copied, 40 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

If I’m understanding correctly, editor Peter Mantis has been publishing Loafing the Donkey for thirty-five years, which deserves a lot of respect. I could never get a zine past twenty-one issues. When zines hit a certain point, many of them start going through the motions; the insights are few and far between. The wit wanes. That is what appears to have happened here. For the content in this issue, you get a long rundown of the dogs living with Mantis, DVD reviews, a diatribe against people putting stickers on public property (doesn’t matter what they’re promoting), and a look into the careers of Eartha Kitt and Billie Holiday. In regards to the last article, Mantis called Kitt “Old Eartha” and writes about how she “refused to be the smiling good negro singer,” which I hope is a quote to what people would’ve said at the time and not how he thinks of Kitt today. But since he didn’t put the phrase in quotes I have no idea. I’m all for people sharing what excites them in their lives (and for the record, I did enjoy the DVD reviews) but what has always made a zine great is finding a way to connect the personal to the universal. With this issue of Loafing the Donkey I’m not finding that. –Kurt Morris (2264 Elzey, Memphis, TN 38104)

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