LMI: Excess Subconscious: LP

Sep 29, 2020

The problem with a one sheet included with the album in question is that they are often misleading. Case in point: the words “stoner punk” are used here to describe their sound as well as bold lettering band names such as Drive Like Jehu, Mastodon, and Poison Idea. I’m not hearing any of that. Instead I’m getting hits of a heavier version of Rollins Band or Palatka with the emo sucked out of ’em. Discordant and pissed and, yeah, maybe a little zany, a little waste-y sans the rehashed Sabbath or Ginn riffs. In case you were wondering, LMI stands for Lazy Middle-class Intellectuals which is borrowed from Bad Religion lyrics. Band names can’t all be winners but at least the music rips. –Juan Espinosa (Handstand, handstandrecords.com / lmiband.bandcamp.com)

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