LIVING EYES, THE: Modern Living: LP

Mar 20, 2018

The Living Eyes hail from Geelong, Victoria, Australia. I’d never heard of Geelong and I’ve never been to Australia. However, judging by the pictures Google’s image search has to offer, it looks a bit like Southern California—San Diego without the hills—and that allows their sound to make perfect sense to me. Within the first thirty seconds of the opening track, “Better Think Again,” it’s clear that this is a band that likes to have fun. (I promise I thought this before I got to track three, “Party Theme,” which definitely lives up to its name.) While The Living Eyes rest pretty firmly in the fuzzed-out punk space, there’s enough experimentation here—some good solos, talent for playing with tempo, a hint of The Talking Heads—to listen through thoughtfully at least once. After that, it’s up to any individual to take it or leave it. I’ll say it’s a solid pick for your arsenal of bands to consider when you’re building a playlist for your next party—be it rowdy or a low-key backyard gathering. –Nicole X (Neck Chop)