LITHICS: Tower of Age: LP

Jul 28, 2020

I loved Mating Surfaces, the Lithics album prior to this one, but what really did it for me was seeing these cats live: watching the four-piece play compositions which might otherwise fall prey to all sorts of rock clichés (jagged, skittery, angular, skronky) was a revelation because each member of the band stood in front of a largely indifferent crowd and banged out their parts without looking at each other. Everyone in this band is a kickass musician, despite the seeming simplicity of their parts, and that intentionality helps put the project into perspective. On Tower of Age, Lithics push their sonic deconstruction even further. The rhythm section locks into gear at odd intervals as dueling guitars flutter, scrape and/or sting. These songs engulf you with magnets and dare you to find the compass bearing to dance (which you inevitably will, on the first or fifth or tenth listen). The soundtrack to my summer for sure. –Michael T. Fournier (Trouble In Mind,

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