Jan 24, 2024

This group of Chattanooga punk rock legends of the highest order have completely upset the apple cart here with this mind-blowing debut LP. Twisted outsider hardcore with elements of black metal, psychedelic punk, and old school thrash strewn about. More mid-paced than fast, creepy samples, acoustic guitar interludes, chupacabra vocals with unsettling vocal effects, and something that sounds like keyboards. Lyrics are fucking dark but still hilarious at times. One of the tags on their Bandcamp page is “therapy music,” which is as good a description as any. The band recorded this themselves at the Chattanooga Public Library Downtown Branch, where there’s a free full-on recording studio. Released on cassette and digital. The cassette is visually stunning and includes a 5½” x 8½” lyric booklet. For decades, the members of Listening Skulls have lived and breathed DIY at a level few could comprehend, and this release stands as a monument to their struggles and hidden scars. So crank it up, and raise a glass to the true heroes of punk rock. –Buddha (Pedagogy Of Resistance,

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