Apr 08, 2019

So many awesome things about this record. Where to even start? First off, it’s Lisa Marr from Cub putting out music again—and with The Tranzmitors who are incredible. Admittedly, I totally missed out on The Tranzmitors in their heyday, but I just saw them perform as themselves as well as a backing band for Lisa at the Seattle Pop Punk Festival and these dudes rip! So you’ve got that fantastic team up, plus they’re doing two Cub songs, one Fastbacks song, and one totally new song. And it was put out by Ean from Sicko who covered a Cub song back in the day. Plus, the cover art was done by Jean Smith from Mecca Normal and all the proceeds go to the Vancouver Rock Camp for Girls. Good grief! This is starting to sound more like an ad than a review, but if any one of these things strikes your fancy, you’ll be very happy with these four tracks. Lisa Marr has such a piercing and strong voice. I love hearing it with the raw and fullness of The Tranzmitors. –Kayla Greet (Top Drawer)