Nov 22, 2017

By dint of the minimaloidish cover and the song titles – “Dumb as Fuck,” “Piss on Me” and “Sick Shit” occur in a row—I assumed that these Indianans were the type who traded on pure snot and violence to the nervous system. And, whilst the aforementioned ingredients are by no means in short supply here, to dismiss these cads as pure snot-and-violence is to damn them with faint praise: Hot Liqs sounds like somebody put the Pagans, the Drakulas, Los Ass-Kissers, mid-period Rip Off Records, and the third Urinals single in a blender. AND THEN LEFT THE FUCKING BLENDER ON, ALL NIGHT LONG. This twelve-inch, fourteen-song, 45 rpm rager is a goddamned adrenalin-blasted vortex of trouble for the squares, may I be done in by a flying chamber pot if this is not the case. Lots of records can take the paint off a wall, but Hot Liqs can clean used turpentine! Can other records do this? Fuck no! The secret behind this whirlwind din is likely that they know a little more about playing and songwriting than they let on, but, then again, that’s completely speculative on my part, so why jinx them with an unnecessary effusion of florid praise? Look to thy laurels, Solids! Take cover, Gases! Head for the hills, Aerosols! You poser states of matter have officially met your match!! BEST SONG: Believe it or don’t, it’s the album-opening instrumental, “Howdy.” BEST SONG TITLE: “I Killed Donald Trump.” I mean, duh. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The back side of the lyric sheet is a drawing of about a million cats. –Rev. Nørb (Hip Kid, / Not Normal,