Sep 20, 2017

Paris’s Lion’s Law (you know them from their appearance in that one Beyonce music video!) figured out how to construct the perfect oi anthem a few years ago and have somehow continued to replicate new ones without sounding stale or rehashed. They remind me of early Dropkick Murphys, Discipline, some of the more rock-oriented Cock Sparrer stuff, et al and definitely inhabit that territory of the genre that’s more melody than grit, though they do it better than almost anyone. They do a new number on this one and a cover of the old Stars And Stripes tune “The Power and the Glory” that is a lot more polished than the original. Boston’s Stars And Stripes are a band that I’ve honestly ignored after their first LP and 7”, though seeing them recently I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed their set, so I came into this without prejudice. They do a cover of a Lion’s Law song (“Knock ‘Em Out”) that’s so-so but has some pretty cool guitar leads. Their new track is good, more evil and plodding than their earlier material. –Ian Wise (Contra,