LINDA LINDAS, THE: Self-titled: 12” EP

Sep 22, 2022

I would be a damn fool to think I could adequately articulate the importance of this band, but having been a fan since their first show at the Grand Star Jazz Ballroom almost four years ago and sitting here with their recorded output coming out of my stereo speakers for the first time, it’s just a treat to listen to. The bouncy energy, blood harmonies, and undeniable, unteachable style that’s smothered with an enthusiasm that’s equally practiced and fresh. Which is what’s so special here: The Linda Lindas were always great. They hit the ground the real deal and only got better. And I truly believe that their spirited optimism is a positive force that will do more good in the lives of their listeners than a thousand youth crew bands could dream of. It’s awesome to see a band that everyone feels stoked on, everyone is happy to root for, a rebellious smile to a callous world. –Daryl (In The Red)

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