Sep 29, 2020

If the name doesn’t catch a spark in your cranium—well, they have been away for a while. They burst on the scene here in the U.S.A. around 1987 when The Cave Comes Alive dropped. Tours with PiL and Iggy Pop followed to raise their profile. Two more full lengths came after but by the mid-1990s the band was off the radar. Mick Blood (one of the best frontman names out there) has revved the engines up again for this record. Since they already had a greatest hits collection, this is the outtakes release. Most of the songs were left off Beethoven’s Fist and there’s a mid-’90s session here too. The full-tilt rockers are interspersed with a couple of pop numbers, but the variety is welcome. It comes on gooey purple/green vinyl and if you are looking to stream it first don’t bother! It’s analog all the way and well worth seeking out from the band directly. But put the “Pedal to the Metal,” as it is limited edition. Highly recommended. –Sean Koepenick (Self-released, [email protected])