LILLINGTONS, THE: Stella Sapiente: CD

Jan 31, 2018

Oftentimes when bands write a new record after a lengthy hiatus (ten years in this case), it’s either a flat-out mistake or a flailing attempt at recreating earlier moments of glory. With Stella Sapiente, the band not only doesn’t bomb, but they gracefully, powerfully expand on a previous template, and almost always do it successfully. They stepped out of the box a bit for this one, and it worked. It’s still an album rife with that propulsive pop punk stuff they’ve always done so well, but there’s an undercurrent of solemnity and foreboding that I can’t help but associate with groups like Crusades. There’s breathing room here, quiet sections that let the songs settle. It’s all still stupidly catchy, but there’s a newfound darkness as well, and that darkness has a surprising depth to it. –Keith Rosson (Fat,