LIFE SCARS: P​ę​kni​ę​te Serca: LP/CD

Jul 21, 2023

Shore up your building, strap yourself in, and prepare for a musical pummeling from Poland’s Life Scars. P​ę​kni​ę​te Serca represents the band at its best, with heavy riffs, pneumatic drumming, and a deep, heavy sound, which is thunderous at any volume. However, listen closely and there’s dark, post-punk guitar work within the majority of the songs, offering a contrast to the noise going on around it. This works extremely well and adds an element of subtlety to the album. Songs focus on people marginalized in society, women’s rights, violence against women, and animal rights, amongst other subjects, all delivered in the band’s native tongue. This is an adrenaline-charged listen. –Rich Cocksedge (Contraszt!, [email protected], / Deviance, / DIY Kolo, [email protected], / Hasiok, [email protected], / Nunchakupunk, Facebook / Up The Punx, [email protected],

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