Life of Vice By Robin Enrico, 88 pgs.

This is a collection of Enrico’s Life of Vice comics that were self-published from 2009-2010. Becky Vice is an eye patch-wearing rocker, wrestler, sex columnist, and all-around icon. She lives a reclusive life trotting the globe doing these odd jobs wherever she can. Her story is told by Shelby, a somewhat reserved writer for an alternative magazine who jumps in the car with Becky on her way to Las Vegas to host a porn award show. While Shelby learns all about how Becky became the extremely scarred up, one-eyed celebrity, she also learns the art of lying and what kind of breakfast foods to eat after a night of drinking. Their adventure through Vegas is over the top and NSFW reading.

Robin Enrico’s style is their own. The characters are all very symmetrical with that vintage noodle-y limb style. There is an insane amount of detail added to every page. And just so you don’t go cross-eyed trying to soak in every detail, a lot of the this-and-thats filling up the panels are labeled. Which gives this comic a lot of charm.

It’s a quick and fun lil’ read where you may find yourself restarting it a couple of days later. Just don’t let the kid sitting next to you on the bus see it. (Alternative Comics,