LET’S HOPE WE NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN, $10, 7” x 8½”, printed, 38 pgs.

Jan 06, 2022

This zine recaps author Ryan Bradford’s account of being a polling site manager for the 2020 election in San Diego County, Calif. Not only does that mean he worked the polling station, but he also trained the polling workers. Bradford introduces us to the ins and outs as well as the odd personalities who are called to this work and its less-than-decent pay. The experience is told in well-written narrative with dialogue and good scene descriptions. There are humorous parts and strange parts, but the whole time I’m just waiting for some interaction with a Trump voter. There is a minor kerfuffle or two, but nothing that made me cringe. This is entertaining and educational, not to mention capably written. My only complaint is the price: ten dollars. I reviewed another zine this issue that was almost the same size, length, and paper quality and it was only four dollars. Not sure why this is so much, but if you’re really intrigued about this weird election, have at it. –Kurt Morris ([email protected])

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