LET RAGE!: Stay Safe, Stay Strong: 7” EP

Dec 06, 2019

This is some pretty average, yet fierce, hardcore. The front person, Timmy Chunks, led a NYC hardcore band in the late ’80s called Token Entry, though I don’t think this band is—or should be riding on—those thirty-year-old coattails. Let Rage is based out of L.A., but definitely has a flare of that East Coast hXc intensity. Lyrically, they’re pretty run of the mill with nothing incredible jumping out at me, but they also do exactly what hardcore is supposed to do: get to the point and fucking quickly. Songs are very straight forward and you know what the message of each one is by the end of the first verse. Knowing now that the front person is from NYC, it makes a lot more sense that there’s a song called, “All My Best Friends Live in Jersey.” And, honestly, it’s one of the first times in a long time I’ve seen Jersey mentioned and not end up as the butt of a joke. Two listens in and that song is already stuck in my head, and it’s their longest track. Their song “Digital Choice” is about being sucked into your smart phone and it comes off as more cheesy than sincere. Highlight on the record is “Stay Safe Stay Strong.” It’s a fast, in-your-face track with a youth crew message that really caught my attention. Personally I’d like to hear more songs like that one. –Kayla Greet (Not Like You)