LEOPARDO: Malcantone: LP

Sep 16, 2021

The comparison to Velvet Underground on the hype sticker for this album is pretty correct. But they’re not even close to being a VU clone band. They take that influence and warp it into their own vision. The music sounds like a damaged cassette playing on a portable radio with low battery power. At times the tempo picks up, but even then it sounds sort of slow and dragging, which is the intended effect. “I Belong to You” is a good example of this. It’s pretty, up, and catchy, yet the guitar sounds like it’s oozing out of the speakers and slowly dripping down. I feel like as the album progresses the songs tend to get better and they hit their stride deep into the second side. “Throwback in the Snow” is definitely the standout for me, and it’s right towards the end. Fans of modern day indie pop can’t go wrong with this. –Matt Average (Feel It, feelitrecordshop.com)