Aug 25, 2016

Tucson’s legendary Lenguas Largas back it again with their follow up to 2014’s critically acclaimed Come On In. Traversing musical influences into a complex web of sounds is what the group has become known for—while defying genre classification and definition, even in the minds of the group themselves. So although it’s easy to describe them as an “indie-psych-soul-garage” band, it’s nearly impossible to find just one song that encapsulates the band’s sound as just that. That being said, this is perhaps the first Lenguas record that I have listened to that has a much more straight-forward approach to accessible songwriting without diluting any of the layers upon layers of musical influence. And yet it’s puzzling why these guys aren’t featured on any hip web-only music blogs or magazines which claim to support the alternative. Be that as it may, I’ll continue to support the Lenguas whether they’re playing a dank bar show surrounded by friends or opening up for a better known (but usually not better) band. –Juan Espinosa (Red Lounge)

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